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Conceptual/Surreal portrait photographer living in Florida. This blog is mostly my images, with some of the things i love thrown in.
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Fundamental Elements. 05/17/14. Model: Luccia.

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A Heavy Halo To Wear.

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No title. Drawing a blank. Just playing around with images i took for the stock agency.

Your Soul by Celine Taylor on Flickr.

sinner on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
model: [becca] and my most favorite book prop ever. =)
I typically don’t like to post a bunch of mostly similar images, but this little set up wasn’t one i planned on doing, so i ended up taking a bunch of shots of her with different things, and i like so many of them for different reasons, so i might post a few more.

untitled on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Another from 2004.

Canon 10d.
Long exposure/painting with light. Might have been the first time i played around with it, but i can’t remember.

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different angles on Flickr.

illumination on Flickr.

The Moonlighter - ©  Caryn Drexl

A Heavy Halo To Wear - Caryn Drexl

A little bit different than Conjuring, though i had to carry over one of the light thingies to this one and tilt to get what i was going for. [Or, as my mother in law called it, the wormhole.] It’s not very easy to spin a bunch of lights on a wire frame while “posing” AND making sure the camera is recognizing the remote in my hand, for those who were wondering.
Anyways, I’ve been so preoccupied with putting together other things i temporarily forgot i’d wanted to post something [almost] every day. Whoops.