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Conceptual/Surreal portrait photographer living in Florida. This blog is mostly my images, with some of the things i love thrown in.
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The Strands We Twist

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I Know The Pieces Fit. Print on Etsy. Click to go to listing. Size Options: 8x10 / 11x14 / 16x20

Purifying. Print on Etsy, click to go to shop. Size Options: 5x7 / 8x10 / 8x12 / 10x15 / 11x14 / 12x18 / 16x20 / 16x24 / 18x24 / 20x30 [also available as a mounted circular print]

'thinly veiled' -13x19 inkjet photo print on semi-gloss canon paper, 58$ [includes shipping]

'thinly veiled' -13x19 inkjet photo print on semi-gloss canon paper, 58$ [includes shipping]

laced on Flickr.

thinly veiled on Flickr.

My sis, from 2008.

beyond the veil on Flickr.

This picture [and one or two others i took the same night] are on so many book covers it’s kind of silly.

lacework on Flickr.

delicately bold on Flickr.

Fragments on Flickr.

One of my favorite self portraits of the year.

the sea widow on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I don’t even know. I set out to do something else, things didn’t go as planned, i just started picking stuff up. I have something very specific that i need to do with this boat that i am likely to never do because it’s complicated and probably not worth the trouble. Kinda of like taking pictures today. I did long exposures, painting with light, lots of set up, and i’m showing you this, which is the only thing i like even a little and could have just as easily been taken with my studio lights and not so much setup. Plus it would have been clear and not blurry!
I’m cranky, can you tell?

different angles on Flickr.