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Conceptual/Surreal portrait photographer living in Florida. This blog is mostly my images, with some of the things i love thrown in.
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The bright side. 070714. Model: Marlowe.

10 self portraits between 2009 - 2013. (Haven’t taken any this year yet.) You can see more here.

  1. Conjuring. 2011.
  2. Echoes. 2010.
  3. In the red. 2011.
  4. Time to start over. 2012.
  5. The last song you’ll ever sing. 2011.
  6. The strands we twist. 2012.
  7. Why won’t you save me. 2011.
  8. The great unveiling. 2011.
  9. You don’t sing to me anymore. 2011.
  10. Still ending and Beginning still. 2013.

10 self portraits from 2002 - 2008. You can see more here.

  1. Remains of the day. 2006.
  2. Sinking with grace. 2008.
  3. Trying to breathe. 2006.
  4. Alone in the dark. 2005.
  5. Dirty pretty things. 2004.
  6. Break on through. 2006.
  7. Emotions kept neatly. 2006.
  8. Made of wire and glue. 2004.
  9. Swept away. 2006.
  10. A woman’s body - mapped. 2002.

Some of my “The Memory Collector” images. Really need to start working on more of this series.

1. A walk down memory lane. 2010.

2. Quality time. 2011.

3. Where am I in all of this. 2012.

4. Keeping them close. 2010.

What Little Girls Are Made Of.

More available to patrons on Patreon

Another new print on Etsy: Knots (2) 
Click to visit the shop.

Another new print on Etsy: Knots (2)

Click to visit the shop.

Carried Away (2). 2011. Model: Tatiana Paris. Click to visit my Etsy shop for prints.

The Good and The Bad. 2011, self portrait. Click image to buy prints on Etsy.

Fabrications. 2014. Click to buy prints on Etsy. (Model: Luccia)

Continuing this thread of finding images i’d long since forgotten about is this edit I did of ‘dislocated’ in 2011 that I now think I might like better than the original version. (The second one.)

I Can Feel It In My Bones (3)

Image from a few years ago I stumbled upon last night. Click to visit the Etsy listing.

Fundamental Elements. 05/17/14. Model: Luccia.

Already up on Etsy, click on the image to visit the print listing.

Regrowth. 2014. (Model: Luccia)

Available as a print on Etsy. Click the image to visit the listing.

Had my first shoot in more than a year on Saturday and i’ve finished my first image from it, which you can see a sneak peek of above. (Which is to say the final version isn’t blurry at all, though I have to admit when I was doing it I kinda dug it when it was about half this blurry.)

As promised though, my Patrons will get the first looks at my new images and an early shot at prints of them, so it’ll be a few weeks to a month until I post them everywhere else. You can click on the picture above to go to my page there and sign up for as little as 1$ a month.

(copied over from the blog)

So! I have signed up at Patreon!

At first I was super hesitant and weird feeling about, I don’t know why, but after a lot of waffling I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Even if only a few people sign up, it’s still something. And something is something! (Aren’t I deep?)

I did hit a wall of sorts when it came to incentives, so those might end up being modified at some point. It’s also hard to know what i’ll be able to manage, so i’m not offering a lot of monthly incentives at the moment. If anyone has any insights or suggestions on that i’d like to hear them! (Like say you might pledge 20$ a month if it included a vial of my tears. I’m not going to do that, you’re weird for wanting it, i’m just saying let me know if you have any such suggestions!)

Doing it the way I am also means there are things that only patrons will see, or things that patrons will get first dibs at. I’ll be doing behind the scenes posts, sneak peeks at upcoming shoots, putting images there before anywhere else, offering patron only giveaways and sales, first crack at one of a kind mixed media pieces as well as limited editions for sale, stuff like that. Sorry to those who can’t take on being a patron, but i’ve got to give them something!

And while i’ve been super quiet this past year photo wise, i’m taking the summer off from school to focus solely on shoots, mixed media pieces and non-photo based side projects. So once i’m done with this semester in about 2 weeks i’m aiming to kick my productivity into over drive, meaning there will be a lot going up on patreon first.

And that’s about it. Let me know if you have any questions, or again, suggestions!