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Memory Collector Vials up for auction!

There are 30 of the small ones, 24 of the tall ones.

The tall ones I bought new, but I added the labels, hand wrote the numbers, and aged both the labels and the corks to look more like the vintage small ones. I left the labels on, but they’re easy enough to remove. [Peel em off and use a little oil to get the sticky stuff off. Easy peasy. I can do it myself though, if the winner prefers.]

The small ones are old watch makers vials and have their original labels.Not sure how easy those labels will be to remove.

They somehow manage to be both fragile and sturdy at the same time. I’ve broken a few just trying to put the corks back in, yet i’ve dropped others onto hard surfaces that didn’t break. *shrug* [Broken ones have been thrown away, i’m not selling anything broken!]

I’d prefer to sell them together, but in case people don’t want to buy both sizes, consider the tall ones one auction and the small ones another. If you’d like to place a bid on all of them, give me a separate bid for each size. Like with my print auctions, the highest bid by the time the auctions are over wins.

Each auction begins today, April 9th, and ends at 12am EST April 13th. So you have the rest of today, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to place your bid[s].

There will be added shipping, 6$ for US buyers. For international buyers it will depend on what you win and where they are going. Email me if you’d like an estimate before the auction ends.

To place your bid[s] contact me via [this email], and specify which size[s], what your max bid is, as well as if you want to be notified of being outbid.

Good luck!